Qualifications for Free Legal Aid

The prevalence of the justice gap is a concern that continues to affect the legal system in the US.

Civil Legal Aid and How to Find It?

Although 63 million Americans qualify for civil legal aid, 50% of the applicants don't receive it because of a lack of resources. In most cases, low and medium-income families face many civil issues, and they find it problematic to deal with them because of financial constraints.

How to Find a Pro Bono Attorney Near You?

Legal representation is essential for every citizen and resident in the US. However, due to the prevalence of the justice gap, many low and medium-income households in the US find it a hassle to get legal assistance.

Pro Bono Representation and How to Find it?

Pro Bono or Pro Bono Publico refers to doing something for the public good accepting no payments.

What is a Stimulus Check?

As part of offering financial help and overcoming the economic meltdown, the US government started the stimulus check program.

Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation

As the pandemic started, there were a lot of uncertainties.

How to Get Unemployment Benefits?

You might face unemployment due to different reasons. Currently, many people are losing their jobs because of bankruptcy and other reasons.

Who can Get Unemployment Benefits?

Yes, the US government offers unemployment benefits to all its citizens and residents facing financial constraints due to lack of work.

Unemployment Benefits 101

The US government furnishes unemployment benefits as insurance to help those facing financial constraints from losing their jobs. However, there are different conditions under which the government facilitates these benefits.

How to Find a Lawyer?

Legal issues, especially civil-related concerns, can happen anytime. Sometimes, you can deal with them all by yourself. However, at other times, based on your case, you will require legal help to deal with the problem effectively. Although several lawyers are practicing in the US, you have to find one with expertise in handling cases like yours.

Who Provides Legal Aid?

Legal aid is a provision by the US and other countries to bring everyone equal before the law. It is an initiative that comes under federal law.

Where to Find a Pro Bono Attorney?

Pro Bono, also known as Pro Bono Publico, refers to doing something for the public good, expecting no financial benefits.

Divorce Attorneys

Sometimes relationships might not turn around the way you thought them to be.

Why do Pro Bono Lawyers Work for Free?

Pro Bono Publico or Pro Bono is a service rendered for free.

7 FAQs about Legal Issues

Legal issues can happen to anyone, regardless of their financial background.

Pros of Hiring a Local Attorney

Legal matters - both criminal and civil - can happen to anyone related to their personal life or business.

Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer is a civil attorney who looks into cases of physical, psychological, emotional, and financial injuries.

Criminal Defense Attorney

Crimes happen due to a plethora of reasons. Regardless, there is a need for legal representation to handle these cases.

Family Attorneys

Family attorneys practice family law and help you in matters ranging from divorce to will creation.

Types of Lawyers

Lawyers pick up specializations and narrow them down to a niche to practice.

Pro Bono Services

Sometimes you might require legal assistance, especially in civil cases related to family law, personal injury, employment, etc

The Importance of Legal Aid

Most people and families in the US can't afford to hire a lawyer when they confront civil legal matters.

What are Pro Bono Attorneys?

A Pro Bono attorney is a licensed legal practitioner who provides legal services to less privileged people in the US.

How to Get Free Legal Aid?

Free legal aid refers to the legal help offered by government-funded and non-government-run organizations.